III Workshop on Grid Computing and Applications

Summer Program LNCC - 2005
31 January - 2 February


Monday, January 31, 2005
08:30 Registration
09:00 -11:00

Auditorium A
Giga Projects I - Chair: Tereza Carvalho
Computational Grids - The RNP contribution
Michael Stanton, RNP, BR
Integridade: Developments in middleware services for computational grids
Bruno Schulze, LNCC, BR
Grid Sinergia: A computational environment for efficient execution of scientific applications
Vinod Rebello, UFF, BR
CSBase - A software infrastructure for scientific applications in advanced networks
Renato Cerqueira, PUC-Rio, BR

Auditorium A
Giga Projects II - Chair: Bruno Schulze
Hepgrid Brazil
Alberto Santoro, UERJ, BR
Upgrading Web Applications to a GRID Environment
J Manoel de Seixas, C Maidantchik, UFRJ, BR
A prototype of a shared decision support system based on parallel distributed databases for aeronautics infrastructure
Liria Sato, USP,BR
Auditorium A
Technical Presentations I - Chair: Renato Cerqueira
The InteGrade Project: Status Report
Rodrigo Barbosa, A Goldchleger, F Kon, S Song, USP, E Cáceres, UFMS, BR
Xavantes: Structured Process Execution Support for Grid Environments
Edmundo Madeira, UNICAMP, BR
15:30- 16:30

Auditorium A
NCSA Invited Talks I - Chair: Danny Powell
NCSA and Scalable Computations in the International Scene
Radha Nandkumar, UIUC - NCSA, USA
Integrated, Innovative Systems:  NCSA´s Contribution to Cyberinfrastructure
Bob Wilhelmson, NCSA - UIUC, BR
16:30-16:45 Break
16:45- 17:45

Auditorium A
Technical Presentations II - Chair: Clemente Tanajura
Software Challenge: Next Generation Weather Production Models
Jairo Panetta, CPTEC - INPE, BR
GRADEp: Towards Pervasive Grid Executions
C Geyer, A Yamin, I Augustin, Alberto Filho, M Moraes, R Real, G Frainer, UFRGS, BR
17:45-18:15  Industrial Track: SGI and Grid Computing
18:15-18:30  OPENING
18:30-20:00 Cocktail

Tuesday, February 1, 2005
08:30-09:00 The Brazilian Marine Meteorological Service (MMS)
Com. Alberto P Costa Neves, CHM - Marinha do Brasil, BR

Auditorium A
Technical Presentations III - Chair: Artur Ziviani
The PAUA Grid and the implementation experience of OurGrid
Walfredo Cirne, UFCG, BR
Applying the ISAM Architecture for Genetic Alignment in a Grid Environment
Alberto Filho, Lincoln Morais, Iara Augustin, Claudio Geyer, UFRGS, BR
Genomics: Activities at LNCC
Franc Alarcon, Ana T Vasconcelos, LNCC, BR

Auditorium A

NCSA Invited Talks II - Chair: Danny Powell
The Computational Chemistry Grid: Production Cyberinfrastructure for Computational Chemistry
John Towns, NCSA - UIUC, USA
Using the Myproxy Online Credential Repository
James Basney, NCSA - UIUC, USA

Auditorium A
Technical Presentations IV - Chair: Jauvane de Oliviera
Grid Security: The host approach
Evgueni Dodonov, Jessica Zorzatto, Joelle Quaini, Hélio Guardia, UFScar, BR
Agent-based negotiation for resource allocation in grids
Lilian Nassif, José M Nogueira, UFMG, BR
Ahmed Karmouch, University of Ottawa, CA, Mohamed Ahmed, Roger Impey, NRC, CA
14:30- 16:00

Auditorium A
Giga Projects - III Chair: Michael Stanton
Portal Giga - transparently executing applications in grids
Fabricio Silva, Universidade Católica de Santos, BR
Virtual Organization
João Alexandre R S Barbosa, LNLS, BR
Bioinformatics and biosystems modeling applications in high performance networks
Paulo Bisch, UFRJ, BR
Poster Presentations - Chair: Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues
Load-balancing for a branch-and-bound algorithm in grid environments
Lúcia Drummond, Juliana N Silva, Alexandre Gonçalves, UFF, BR
Benchmark of low cost beowulf clusters
Mathias Brito, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, BR
A flexible scheduling framework for process submission in a computational grid
Valéria Reis, Marcos Santana, Regina Santana, USP-ICMC, BR
Application Developments for Wireles Grids
Luciana Lima, PUC-Rio, A Tadeu Gomes, A Ziviani, B Schulze LNCC, BR
Markus Endler, Luiz Fernando Soares, PUC-Rio, BR
Molecular dynamics in computational grid environments
Marcelo Portes, Marcio Portes, N Alves Jr., L Moyano, C Tsallis, CBPF, BR
Fulvio Baldovin, Universitá di Padova, IT
Globus Security Infrastructure: a security infrastructure for computational grids
Janine Costa, Felipe S Martins, Reinaldo Braga, CENAPAD-NE, BR, Rossana Andrade, UFC, BR
Hierarchical fault detection based on threads for grids
Marcelo Santos, Lúcia Drummond, UFF, BR
A peer-to-peer approach in computational grids with load-balancing
Erico Mattos, Luis Trevelin, UFScar, BR
MobiGrid: framework for mobile agents on computational grid environments
Rodrigo Barbosa, Alfredo Goldman, USP, BR
Meteorology: activities at LNCC
Clemente Tanajura, LNCC, BR
ACCPADBR - Sistema para contabilização de recursos computacionais em ambiente de grade computacional
Lincoln Morais, Denise G Ewald, UFRGS, BR

Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Auditorium A
Technical Presentations V - Chair: Lisandro Granville
An implementation of the GRAND hierarchical application management model using the ISAM/EXEHDA system
Patrícia Vargas, I Dutra, UFRJ, Lucas A S Santos, C Geyer, UFRGS, BR
Combining Grid Computing and Internet Measurements
Artur Ziviani, LNCC, BR
A negotiation module based on policies for the management of computational grids
Janine Costa, Rossana Andrade, Javam Machado, UFC, BR
Grid Computing and Scientific Visualization
Gilson Giraldi, LNCC,BR
Auditorium A
NCSA Invited Talks II - Chair: Radha Nandkumar
Visualization and Experimental Technologies at NCSA
Robert Patterson, NCSA / UIUC, USA
Auditorium A
Giga Projects IV - Chair: Vinod Rebello
Databases with genetic and genomic informations: updates, access and distributed query in high performance computing grids
Wim Degrave, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, BR
GigaMan – A proposal for a Management Infrastructure based on Peer-to-Peer 
Lisandro Z Granville, UFRGS, BR

Auditorium A
Technical Presentations VI - Chair: Renato Portugal
Simulating the Quantum Fourier Transform with Distributed Computing
Franklin Marquezino, Rui M Júnior, G Nunes, UCP, R Portugal, LNCC, BR
HyperGrid: grid architecture based on a virtual hypercube
Luis C de Bona, Elias Duarte Jr., UFPR, Keiko Fonseca, CEFET-PR, BR
Branch-and-Bound algorithm - distributed and fault tolerant for computational grids
Alexandre Gonçalves, Lúcia Drummond, Eduardo Uchoa, UFF, Maria Castro, UERJ, BR

Auditorium A
Technical Presentations VI - Chair: Bruno Schulze
A CoDIMS based proposal for ditribution and execution of wrappers in a grid environment
Leonardo Silvestre, Alvaro Barbosa, UFES, BR
Strategies for minimizing the effects of communication overloads in heterogeneous computacional environments based on the LogP model
Deolinda Cardoso, Marinha do Brasil, Vinod Rebello, UFF, BR